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Words illuminate our path towards wisdom. With the advancement of technology, information is easily accessible to human beings. Still our thirst for knowledge that has the potential to transform human lives remains unquenched. The journal IJFR paves the way for such knowledge to evolve. All the articles in this issue aim at such a humble endeavour.

Our country progresses towards digitalization in all walks of life. People, especially the youth irrespective of all the differences, welcome this change with great enthusiasm. India is becoming one of the major economic powers of the world. As a highly populated nation we should strive to use our human resources for the prosperity of our country. We should be able to bring together our cultural and scientific knowledge for the welfare of human beings.

The journal explores recent changes in art, culture and science. New variety of seeds and cultivation systems suitable for the environment are introduced in science related articles. Some of the articles included in this journal analyze the richness of the country in its language, culture and biodiversity.

We are thankful to the academicians for their valuable suggestions and advice. With immense pleasure, we present before the reading community the current issue of IJFR for a critical reading.


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